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Revolutionize your cleaning & service contracts

Say goodbye to hours of tiresome work and hello to accurate and polished contracts in minutes. Let us help you streamline your business operations and increase efficiency.

Four people around a calendar and cleaning cleaning equipment. Represent planning a service or cleaning contract

Creating contracts fast is crucial for winning business

A dark blue check icon.

Show Professionalism and Reliability

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Keep the Momentum Going

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Set Yourself Apart from Competitors

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Increase Your Chances of Closing the Deal

Moply innovates the process of creating, distributing, and managing your cleaning contracts and facility service contracts.

Contracts and a magnifying glass.

Our step-by-step guide enables you to have a contract ready in minutes.

An office desk and chair.

Create your service plan within the digital contract creation. Schedule services connected to facilities and rooms.

A document folderwih a pen and a pair of glasses.

Provide your clients with online access to review and sign contracts, without the need for paper documents.

A bucket with cleaning supplies, a spray bottle, cleaning gloves, and two sponges.

With Moply, your Cleaners and Service workers can easily access their schedules, complete with detailed room and floor descriptions.

An armchair with a phone and money

Wiht our contract management software
you can c
onfigure your company's products, pricing, and performance rates for each type of facility with ease.

Get started in
2 minutes

  • 30-day free trial

  • Peronalized onboarding

  • Access to all features

A tablet with a pictue of the user interface in Moply
Prices & Packages

5 contracts

5 service user

Online support

10 contracts

10 service users

Online support

25 contracts

25 service users

Online support

25 + contracts

Onboarding assistance

User permissions

Import functionality

Personlized support

from 499 euro /month
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